Regulatory Update: July 2020

Emerald continues to advance its mission to generate commercial quantities of renewable energy from subsurface methanogenic bacteria.

Water and methane analysis of the six enhanced wells from late 2019 have been tabulated and evaluated. Detailed water analysis from both pre- and post-enhancement (over several months) confirmed that the BIOGEM process is harmless to the aquifers that host the methanogenic bacteria. In addition, the analysis showed that the BIOGEM process does generate new, renewable energy. It also confirmed that the RNG and the in-situ natural gas associated with the reservoirs are distinguishable from each other.

Over the past eight weeks, Emerald has presented these results to Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon, the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (WYOGCC), Department of Environmental Quality, Water Division (DEQ), and the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM), in Buffalo, WY.

Emerald is now applying to the regulatory bodies in Wyoming, (both State & Federal), to do another series of enhancements. This time with much larger volumes of Food Grade Carbohydrates (FGC).  

The goal of these more extensive, 2nd set of enhancements using the BIOGEM process will be to begin to determine what volumes of FGC are needed to make this process a commercial venture.