Operational Update: December 2021 to May 2022

Emerald negotiated an option to test its BioGem Tool in adjacent, idle wells from now-bankrupt operators.

The idle wells tested required a fair amount of remediation to the down-hole portion of the well as part of this process. After cleaning up the wellbore and testing a BioGem tool string, we found that the formation waters in the well’s productive coal zone (Wall Coal) had recharged in the six years since being idled and shut-in. The well had produced over 680,427 MCF of gas and 1,136,607 barrels of water before being shut-in. In the last month of its operation, the well produced water at the rate of 3.28 gallons per minute.

After cleaning out the wellbore, but before running the BioGem Tool and trying to produce this well, Emerald tested a water influx into the wellbore at a much-increased rate of 40 gallons per minute. Several months of testing this well resulted in 0 MCF of production. We have seen similar water recharge rates in Emerald’s own Wall Coal wells.

With the information from the unsuccessful idle well test described above, Emerald continues to test modified BioGem Tool strings in its wells. The latest BioGem Tool configuration shows positive results, and several wells have responded with production increases.

After a very wet March, April, and May in northeast Wyoming, we can now get equipment back into the field to continue and re-work several wells with the latest modified BioGem Tool configuration.